10 November 2007

Adult Crocheted Shoe Pattern

Hooking for Charities Adult Crocheted Shoe Pattern: Round-about Women's Shoes (size 7.5 - 9.5) can be downloaded here. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 is required to view, click here to download the latest Acrobat reader

Spin, spin

(below) First yarn that looked like I hand-spun (from ViralAnomaly's roving), you're actually seeing batch #3 off this roving... the first 2 well... pratice makes better (I guess). Created enough yarn to make 2 full rows of double-crochet. :D

Next in the line up is created from a sample piece of merino superwash roving from Sweet Pea Fibers

I hit Esty pretty solid this past month, it's all good stuff made by people that care about quality hand-made items. Now it's time to get spinning/ hooking for the holidays. Stay tuned.

08 November 2007

Autumn Pause

Not much different on the home front this week, sorry for the delay in post.

I'm still treading through my inventory. It's all good and I'm happy with the amount of items that will be on show starting next week.

My first roving arrived in the mail a few days ago (in a Yule-lious colorway) , so I've jerry-rigged a hand spindle from 2 CD's, a rubber grommet thing, a wooden stick bit and a cup hook. Just like MacGyver would do, well at least the DIY network would do.

It works! that's the best part... though the results are a bit interesting, I'll just have to keep practicing.

Toodles, til' later.