15 July 2008

Why Hello There... 50/50 Project Update!

Featured Shop: Pancake and Lulu

Murphy's laws is showing tonight... I'm back to hooking updates and Aimee of Pancake and Lulu is on vacation :) her shop is still open though so feel free to raid the shop while the shop keeper is out ;)

This week's featured yarn was found while browsing etsy (of course). I saw reserved for Ravelry Group Knit-Along in the title, clicked and followed to the Pancake and Lulu Love message boards. Aimee, owner of Pancake and Lulu (the kids and the shop) was super sweet and let me in on the Crocus-a long and as luck would have it I was able to snag the last 2 ounce ball of worsted weight merino twist.

If you're on Ravelry be sure to check the link above for her message boards and to see other amazing projects made from one 2 oz. ball of yarn.

The picture above was taken from Pancake and Lulu's shop. I was able to make two pairs of shoes from this pretty little ball; one newborn and one 0-3 month size pair. There is probably enough yarn for one more pair though this will probably be turned into something non-baby for those interested in other items :)

Aimee has other little center pull ball in her shop, all resonably priced in lots of different base yarns. These little guys would be perfect for two at a time socks and trust me her dye skills are top notch. Each pair of shoes was basically a pefect match her colors are spaced so well.

The Crocus colorway (featured) is a beautiful shiney golden tan with burnt orange and purple. The dark twist in the yarn adds a lovely contrast which really makes the colors pop!

Aimee's shop also offers stitch markers and loads of gorgeous hand spun yarns. Some of the colorways offered are so unique I have yet to see them else where. Many are custom order.

Well that's all for this week. Thank you to everyone for stopping back in. Things should be getting back to normal with a new post coming on around July 26th.

As always be sure to let me know if you've purchased from any of the shops featured on Hooking. These purchases (50/50 shop items included) count as double entries into a special raffle for stitch markers from my paper and yarn shop. Leaving comments in the blog will add your name to the raffle too.

The little shoes pictured in this entry will be available in the Sweetie Peas shop by the end of the week along with a few surprises related to this yarn. Be sure to visit Pancake and Lulu for more fabulous colorways and handspun goodness.

A big thank you to my donors listed in the right column too! Have a great night everyone :D