31 December 2007

to quote my son...

i did it!

presenting pair number 120.. grape and berry vari. in size 6 months. Finished today, Dec. 30th at 8:29 pm
(and yes I'm crazy).

getting excited, yarn is on it's way... Yippe!
special thanks to the etsy's who have already join my project so early. stay tuned more to come :)

29 December 2007

a year winding down and up at the same time

As the year winds down my shoe count has risen a lot: 117 total

With a few day to rush, I think I'll hit 120 (crossing fingers). Pretty amazing concidering April was an off month with no shoes produced.

Of course with the end of one project starts a new:

'50 Pairs from 50 Shops'

The invites are starting to fly out for my next project scheduled to being in Jan. 2008.

So far as planned starting the first or second full week of Jan. I'll begin to display and promote one etsy shop a week which has donated or sold me yarn for this project. Links and pictures to be included for your browsing enjoyment.

By the year's end I'm hoping to accomplish my goal of creating shoes from yarn supplied by 50 different independent etsy shops.

If interested or for more detail please leave a comment or a convo on etsy.

My shop is http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com

Happy New Year Everyone.

25 December 2007

look mommy they made themselves...

first the back story:
My 3.5 yr old. dd loves to hord things under her pillow. (ie. play jewelry, makeup, stuffed toys and/or special blankets) she also has been bugging me all week for another pair of shoes to go with the 3 or 4 odd pairs I've already made her.

the story:
Xmas eve eve (dec. 23rd) - 9 p.m. moo-moo (dd's nickname) is in no mood to go to sleep so she comes into my office to have a look around and stall.

Seeing my newly purchased yarn stash of pinks and purples she decides to grab the grape n' berry to take with her back to bed. not really liking this idea but not wanting to spend the next hour trying to get her back to bed I let said dd take the full 5 oz. skein of worsted wt. yarn with her.

A few hours later I go to have a peek and sure enough, the yarn was lovingly stashed under her pillow.

So a plan begins to develop in my mind and before long I was quietly grabbing the skein from under her pillow so I could hurry off to the living room to crank out a pair of size 10 toddler shoes before getting caught.

Once completed the new pair was quickly placed back under her pillow for a nice holiday surprise.

6 a.m. Xmas eve
As I lay in bed already bushwhacked by the holiday season my little girl comes bouncing into our bedroom, big smile and gleaming eyes... "look mommy they made themselves!".

My husband and I giggle a little, and moo-moo spends the rest of the day telling our relatives about her shoes that made themselves.

happy holidays everyone.

11 December 2007

A few pictures of my shoes made from One Sheep Hill hand dyed yarn and my first 'item' made from yarn I hand spun myself. The roving is from Sweet Pea Fibers.

10 December 2007

Count Down to 100!

Today marked my 12th and 11th pair away from '100 pairs in a year' project.

Each pair (ranging from tiny to size 11 mens) has been crocheted by little old me over the course of this year being in late Jan.

I wasn't really planning on shooting for 100 this year it just sort of happened and now with less than a month to go and 10 pairs to finish it should be relatively entertaining to see how thing plan out.

My goal now is to finish all 10 pairs using as many vendors from etsy as possible to complete the task. If interested please visit my shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com and leave a convo or post to this blog post.

Have a great night.

04 December 2007

Been a bit...

Howdy boys and girls.

It's already Dec. which is crazy. I've got a bit of my personal hooking done for the holiday season and a long way to go.

Found a great charity called small comforts which is working on gift for Bethesda Naval Hospital. Check them out if you've got a free hook this holiday season.

Not much else is going on for me. Turkey Day went well and fast. I spun enough fiber to create one lone baby shoe which turned out beautifully, so there's motivation there. Picture coming soon.