15 July 2008

Why Hello There... 50/50 Project Update!

Featured Shop: Pancake and Lulu

Murphy's laws is showing tonight... I'm back to hooking updates and Aimee of Pancake and Lulu is on vacation :) her shop is still open though so feel free to raid the shop while the shop keeper is out ;)

This week's featured yarn was found while browsing etsy (of course). I saw reserved for Ravelry Group Knit-Along in the title, clicked and followed to the Pancake and Lulu Love message boards. Aimee, owner of Pancake and Lulu (the kids and the shop) was super sweet and let me in on the Crocus-a long and as luck would have it I was able to snag the last 2 ounce ball of worsted weight merino twist.

If you're on Ravelry be sure to check the link above for her message boards and to see other amazing projects made from one 2 oz. ball of yarn.

The picture above was taken from Pancake and Lulu's shop. I was able to make two pairs of shoes from this pretty little ball; one newborn and one 0-3 month size pair. There is probably enough yarn for one more pair though this will probably be turned into something non-baby for those interested in other items :)

Aimee has other little center pull ball in her shop, all resonably priced in lots of different base yarns. These little guys would be perfect for two at a time socks and trust me her dye skills are top notch. Each pair of shoes was basically a pefect match her colors are spaced so well.

The Crocus colorway (featured) is a beautiful shiney golden tan with burnt orange and purple. The dark twist in the yarn adds a lovely contrast which really makes the colors pop!

Aimee's shop also offers stitch markers and loads of gorgeous hand spun yarns. Some of the colorways offered are so unique I have yet to see them else where. Many are custom order.

Well that's all for this week. Thank you to everyone for stopping back in. Things should be getting back to normal with a new post coming on around July 26th.

As always be sure to let me know if you've purchased from any of the shops featured on Hooking. These purchases (50/50 shop items included) count as double entries into a special raffle for stitch markers from my paper and yarn shop. Leaving comments in the blog will add your name to the raffle too.

The little shoes pictured in this entry will be available in the Sweetie Peas shop by the end of the week along with a few surprises related to this yarn. Be sure to visit Pancake and Lulu for more fabulous colorways and handspun goodness.

A big thank you to my donors listed in the right column too! Have a great night everyone :D

24 June 2008


Just an update of sorts... yep the hooking for charity '50/50 project' is still an active project (1 complete and 4 more yarns currently in the que), nope don't have an exact date on the next full review (probably sometime in the first full week of July).

Two little pairs of shoes are completed and Aimee's yarns (Pancake and LuLu) are just amazing :) so I definitely want to provide all the details.

Life has been plain crazy and exhausting lately and my hopes of it settling in are apparently very far fetched at the moment. I'm still optimistic with the last few weeks at least health wise being fairly good though right now the downswing is approaching.

I don't plan to post lots of items non-hooking related on this blog feature so any general updates will be available on my other blog link listed in the sidebar (kat's bloggie bits).

toodles for now.

05 June 2008

hooking for charity fundraiser

So I'm Kinda new at this chip-in widget... very cool though

Funds raised will go to our charities: DirectRelief.org and HAP.

14 May 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' SugarBee Studios

A gal after my own heart.

Visit SugarBeeStudios on Etsy or Ravely

"Fiber Floozy" is blues, yellows and greens supplied on DK weight
70% Merino/ 20% Alpaca/ 10% Silk hand dyed yarn :D

Superb dye job with cheery well spaced colors on a great yarn blend.

Sugar's Politically Incorrect Yarn and Fibers line, same line this yarn came from, has colorway names which alone are worth a visit to her site. The quality is the icing on the cake.

Added bonus... I got a few little surprises in my order too... if extra motivation is needed?

13 May 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

This week's featured yarn is Fiber Floozy from Sugar Bee Studios... Check back tomorrow night for photos or visit Sugar Bee Studios to preview the colorway :)

30 April 2008

29 April 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - Moon Light Llamas

This weeks feature is brought to you by special guest... Tilly the Llama ;)

She's the lovely gal striking a pose while standing... isn't she just a doll?

Jan of Moon Light Llamas (Tilly's Llama Mama) sent me the cutest little hank specially hand spun (and hand dyed) from Tilly's fleece just for Hooking :D

The yarn is 100% Llama in two ply sport-ish weight yarn form and is incredibly smooshy soft :D The pretty true blue colorway with hints of fuchsia and purple complement the soft halo of the yarn's natural characteristics very nicely.

I'm using a size "G" hook for the shoes pictured above which are currently a "WIP" with finishing up planned for tomorrow night.

Tilly was the first llama born on Jan's farm (14 years ago) and provides fiber for Jan's own brand of uber cute bunny baby booties. Jan's shop also features hand made felted hats, teddy bears, felting kits and supplies.

Her fiber skills are top notch and I feel very honored (as I do with all my donors) to receive one of her hand made endeavors for use in the Hooking for Charity fund raiser.

For more information on Tilly and her other Llama mates (and Jan too ;) ) please visit MoonLightLlamas.com. To purchase items featured on the Hooking blog please visit MySweetiePeas.etsy.com.

Have a great night everyone.

28 April 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - Yarn Hollow

Y is for Yummy Variety :D

Need to add a little variety to your stash? Check out Yarn Hollow's Shop...

Bulky, super bulky, boulce, mohair, alpaca, tussah silk, yarns, rovings and more all hand dyed using fiber reactive dyes in flowing sophisticated shades.

Rita of Yarn Hollow has loaded up her shop with large quantity runs (around 8 oz. each) of her warm toned yarns so there's plenty of each dye lot for your larger projects.

So far I've worked my way through about 1/3 of the box she sent to Hooking (more finished items coming in May). The finished shoes, created from some fabulous single ply, are now also available for purchase via the etsy shop http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com

"Crayon" features bright and cheery peachy gold, perwinkle, magenta, pink and muted minty green swirled together in short burst of color while the "Seattle" colorway (first pair) is more subtle with sea tones of barely there green and a range of soft pretty blues.

The unique texture of the single ply matched up perfectly to each colorway producing cute and super cozy baby shoes :D

For more images of the finished items please scroll down to read previous post ;)

Check back tomorrow for more information on upcoming hooking for charity '50/50' shops & shoes.

With that being said, I think we are in fact back on track lol *crossing fingers*.

Thank you to everyone for checking in and to my etsy gals for all the great donation that have kept me on my toes the last few weeks. I've honestly felt like a kid in a candy store working through all the pretty yarns which have crossed my path so far and the next few weeks will be no exception.

As always if interested in helping with the hooking for charity project please contact me via ravelry (username: katkoe) or on etsy (mysweetiepeas.etsy.com). Have a great night :D

14 April 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - Yarn Hollow

Below is a preview of this weeks featured etsy shop. Rita of Yarn Hollow sent a huge box of goodies.

Yarn is 8515 in Crayons, hand-dyed by Yarn Hollow

"Seattle" is a soft, hushed blues single ply sport weight hand dyed 100% wool yarn

More info will be posted later this week. Thank you to everyone for your patience with me. I've apparently caught 99% of the flu bugs going around this year :P

Thank you also to all the great etsy gals for all your support. See you on the blog soon.

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - sharing.etsy.com

All size newborn, in way cool baby boy colors. Check out http://sharing.etsy.com
for unique colorways. Sure to rock your sock yarn stash.

Remember to let me know of your purchases from Karen's shop. All purchase equal two entries into the special stitch marker contest on hooking for charity :D

12 April 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - sharing.etsy.com

More Photos of Karen's Sock Yarns :D

25 March 2008

some days you step in it...

I've made my way through sampling all the pretty yarn's Karen of http://sharing.etsy.com sent into hooking.

4 skeins of light weight sport and sock yarn dyed in beautiful and unique colorways. All featuring intense saturated hues, perfectly spaced.

(pictures coming soon)

These little guys finished just in time as I've been gifted with a crappy flu for the past few days. Achy joints just don't equal productive crochet (trust me I've tried).

With that being said the 50/50 project will be taking the week off, minus a few photo updates here and there.

Have a great week and hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend :)

19 March 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - midweek update

I'm learning as I go...

here is my one sad (still pretty to look at) almost finished shoe.

Not quiet sure how to organize this week in the blog so that it's easiest to read. Hope this doesn't throw too many wrenches in the works dear readers.

It's about 10:30 pm and I'm dragging through the week. The weather is icky... it is Ohio after all (read... hot, cold, hot, rainy, freezing, hot, cold) which is probably to blame for the most part.

I love this yarn (again thank you Karen), it's soft and perfectly dyed... even running the shoes through single strand using sock yarn is working up beautifully with a springy light weight feel to them, and the single strand method is producing a more defined tiny stitch. very cool.

So tomorrow or Friday night I will be caught up with any orphaned shoes.

Have no fear little shoes I will prevail... (with or without feeling completed defeated).

Each misfit shoe will eventually receive it's perfectly matched mate and in time a warm home all it's own to go to instead of the current cozy accommodations they share with 50 other pairs of shoes.

Thinking of the week ahead (all two days of it) ugh... though if I ever became an organized, even tempered and/or rational person ... I just wouldn't be me.

17 March 2008

Special Weekday Long '50 pairs from 50 Shops'

Kinda of a unique opportunity this week. Karen of sharing.etsy.com kindly donated 4 skeins and skeinlets for this weeks feature.

soo... check back everyday this week for a new shoe variety made from her brightly dyed creations in sock and sport weight. I'll have additional details on the colorways soon.

For now here's a preview shot :)

and a few shoe photos...

Great light weight base yarn (between light sport and fingering wt.) crocheted up beautifully with smooth stitch definition. The colors are bright pink, true red, smokey gray and little bits of bubble gum pink. Perfect for spring.

Karen also sent a more boy'ish version of this colorway which will be coming up in the next few days. (message posted 3/18/2008)

Check out the 50/50 section of http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com for more details on the shoes

Also check out http://sharing.etsy.com for project bags in feisty patterns... perfect for hooking projects ;)

10 March 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

Like a blur of city lights through the hard summer rain, the moody jewel-toned hues rhythmically working through my fingers...

In all actuality it's freezing here and a good hour drive to the nearest "city" through the middle of farm country. Smooth, flat, open land.

But enough about me, let's talk shop ;)

This week's yarn was purchased from Unwind Yarn Company.

The colorway name struck my fancy right away 'Cirque Barnum'. This yarn was very dark in appearance so I wasn't sure what would exactly be arriving in my post box.

What arrived was a 100% super wash merino wool dk weight hank of dark chocolate mixed with brief spots of natural yarn and pure colors, ranging from sapphire to golden citrus. Just pretty.

The yarn is an extremely soft merino and the dye work is complex and bright.

Dana, owner of Unwind, also offers playful brights and earthy blue/green colorways in her shop along with finished items and soon will also offer self-designed patterns. She keeps a great blog with updates on her current projects so be sure to check out "my tangled-up life" too.

An added bonus from this week's shop is a Coupon just for hooking blog readers :D
Unwind is chipping in a great coupon, 20% off the price of each hank purchased from their shop using the special hooking for charity code "HFKETSY".

Be sure to include this code in the buyer notes when purchasing from Dana's shop.

To purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com.

And now for the first ever 'hooking for charity blog contest'.
Enter by leaving a comment in the hooking blog, buying a pair of 50/50 shoes or purchasing yarn from any charity donors' shops. The prize is a set of "Oops" and "Crap" stitch markers (crochet or knit style). Winner will be drawn from the first 15 to enter (purchases count as two entries, so please let me know). Best of Luck, have a great evening.

03 March 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

All the pretty colors...

Sharon of Stitchjones graciously donated a yummy skein of Gelateria Worsted Wt. Merino yarn for this week's feature.

I first contacted Sharon about purchasing a stray skein for the hooking blog (hate to break up a set), she replied back with a picture and a offering :D

As soon as the skein arrived, I balled it up and began working through the soft, warm colorway.

The classic ice cream combo of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate is perfect for baby and toddler shoes and the quality 100% merino wool base yarn slipped right by making these some of the fasted shoes I've completed so far.

Stitchjones' shop http://mymommadethis.etsy.com is chucked full of playful hues, bright brights and cozy muted skeins.

Most of her freshly listed skeins hark back to the 80's bands for colorway names. (My fav colorway/name is 'Gene Simmons' it's a red, black and natural white mix.)

Sharon also offers PowerTrios Sock Kits which include a full hank of variegated yarn with 2 half hanks of coordinating single hues. Enough yarn for 2 pairs of design-your-own socks, plus a free vinyl/canvas carrying case all for $45 bucks!

As always please check out Stitchjones' shop for additional information or to purchase some great yarn ;)

To purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com.

And now for the first ever 'hooking for charity blog contest'.
Enter by leaving a comment in the hooking blog, buying a pair of 50/50 shoes or purchasing yarn from any charity donors' shops. The prize is a set of "Oops" and "Crap" stitch markers (crochet or knit style). Winner will be drawn from the first 15 to enter (purchases count as two entries, so please let me know). Best of Luck, have a great evening.

New Post and Contest Details

StitchJones at mymommadethis.etsy.com will be this weeks feature.

Complete article will be posted tonight along with details for entering Hooking's first blog contest.


25 February 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

If you want to destroy my sweater...

Okay, aside from the Weezer reference... this week marks another first for me: shoes from recycled yarn

Molly of Crafty (http://www.craftyyarn.etsy.com) donated a super soft skein of natural colored lambs wool yarn. The lovely full size hank of worsted weight yarn (183 yards at 1.75 oz.) is plenty of yarn for several pairs of shoes.

The neat part is that the yarn was retrieved from a thrift store sweater which she disassembled, washed and skeined herself. Now that's dedication.

This particular yarn (check Molly's shop for more) with it's wide loose twist (almost ribbon like) provided superb stitch definition with a unique texture I think only reclaimed yarn could provide. From looking at these shoes one would assume that the wool was not soft but ridged. However it is very soft much like a vintage t-shirt would feel.

Crafty also provides plenty of tools (yarn) for finding unique ways to reuse everyday items. Whether looking for lace weight or super bulky, cotton or lux fibers Molly's shop carries them all in a variety of beautiful found colorways. Very much worth the destruction of a few old sweaters.

Prices start at $4-5 dollars a hank with very reasonable and speedy shipping. Another neat feature of this well appointed shop is the store credit option.

Molly accepts certain sweaters and will issue store credit for items sent her way. She will also test yarn for felt-ability before purchase. For more details on Crafty's special features please visit her shop at http://craftyyarn.etsy.com.

For additional information or to purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com.

And now for the first ever 'hooking for charity blog contest'.
Enter by leaving a comment in the hooking blog, buying a pair of 50/50 shoes or purchasing yarn from any charity donors' shops. The prize is a set of "Oops" and "Crap" stitch markers (crochet or knit style). Winner will be drawn from the first 15 to enter (purchases count as two entries, so please let me know). Best of Luck, have a great evening.

New Post and Contest

CraftyYarns.etsy.com will be this weeks feature.

Complete article will be posted tonight along with details for entering Hooking's first blog contest.


17 February 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

Hands On Kinda Gal.

This week's Etsy Shop is Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers.

Linda of Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers sent a super-generous massive 300 yard/6.6 oz. hank of 70% Llama/30% Shetland love my way this week :D

Having never worked with Llama fiber before I was very curious to give it a try and quickly balled up the aforementioned skein into a large ball of light coco and cream two tone yarn.

The yarn seemed a little course for baby shoes at first but quickly turned silky soft as I crocheted creating a finished pair that was cuddly and cozy.

The colors and texture came together perfectly too. Even the slight fuzziness of the yarn added to the cute factor of this pair of shoes.

About Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers:
Linda cares for and sheers her own happy herd of Llamas and Shetland sheep making sure only the best stuff goes to the mill for processing. Some of the rovings even list which llama they came from for that extra personal touch to your project.

You'll also find knit and crocheted accessories, custom dyed yarns and rovings made with various wools that she found from small fiber farms and business. All accessories, yarns (including handspun) and rovings are unique and one of a kind and may not be duplicated so get them while they last :)

Please visit Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers for more great products at amazing prices (free shipping too!). Also keep an eye out for Linda's blog which is coming soon. There you'll be able to learn about all the wonderful animals on her farm (http://lilbitofheavenfibers.blogspot.com).

For additional information or to purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com.

Thank you again to all the wonderful Etsy Shops participating in the 50/50 project. Your donations, support and kind words are greatly appreciated :D

10 February 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

sushi grade yarn at fish stick prices

Tako Yarn's slogan is very fitting to the yarn Christine carries in her etsy shop.

The colors are prue, well spaced and produced on excellent quality yarn (100% superwash wool or 100% Alpaca).

'Smarties' is the colorway that I have, inspired by halloween and all the candy the holiday brings, this cheery little skein is the perfect baby color combo of skyblue, lemon and medium rose pink.

Tako has one 1/2 skein (110 yards) of this left in stock and at $4.50 + $2.00 shipping it probably won't last long.

The yarns come in three sushi inspired themes (Christine is a trained sushi waitress after all): Sake - 100% machine washable merino wool in fingering weigh, Wasabi - 100% alpaca in worsted weight and Marguro - 100% superwash wool in DK weight.

Most yarns are sold in skeinlet size (half skein) at very affordable prices. Which brings up a good point don't let the the fish stick prices scare you, this yarn is the real deal. Expertly dyed and all.

Check out takoyarn.etsy.com for more fingering - worsted weight yarn in smooth colorways at great prices :)

To purchase the shoes mentioned above please visit mysweetiepeas.etsy.com.
At least $13.00 of every '50/50' shoe purchase goes directly to
http://www.directrelief.org - no strings attached (well... you know what I

mean *smile*.)

For more details about contributing to '50 pairs from 50 shops' please leave
a comment or convo me on Etsy at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com Thanks and
Have a great week.

02 February 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'


Okay so this is kinda an interesting dilema for me. The 3 skeins of yarn I ordered a few weeks ago have still not
hit my post box sooooo...

Minus my base yarn and the featured shop's yarn we'll just take a look through my already hand-dyed bits in the form of 'kool-peas' colorways (Strawberry and Pickles):

The fun part about using kool-aid drink mix to dye these already crocheted shoes is my kids get to help out some. My daughter and son take turns pouring in the mixes and picking out the colors and I use the kiddy shampoo to wash my finished shoes in.

Pickles wasn't the planned name it just kinda happened once I realized the green shoes I was working on happened to be located in the labled pickle jar. I'm planning on creating other colors and experimenting with multi-hue combos in the future.

Thanks for reading this week's side-track hopefully next week we'll be back to the normal routine.

For additional information or to purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com. Etsybaby (I'm a memeber) is having a promo this month and bow-bear is hiding out in the team members shops including the 50/50 section of mine. Once bow-bear is found you'll receive a special free gift with your purchase. Happy Hunting :)