17 February 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

Hands On Kinda Gal.

This week's Etsy Shop is Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers.

Linda of Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers sent a super-generous massive 300 yard/6.6 oz. hank of 70% Llama/30% Shetland love my way this week :D

Having never worked with Llama fiber before I was very curious to give it a try and quickly balled up the aforementioned skein into a large ball of light coco and cream two tone yarn.

The yarn seemed a little course for baby shoes at first but quickly turned silky soft as I crocheted creating a finished pair that was cuddly and cozy.

The colors and texture came together perfectly too. Even the slight fuzziness of the yarn added to the cute factor of this pair of shoes.

About Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers:
Linda cares for and sheers her own happy herd of Llamas and Shetland sheep making sure only the best stuff goes to the mill for processing. Some of the rovings even list which llama they came from for that extra personal touch to your project.

You'll also find knit and crocheted accessories, custom dyed yarns and rovings made with various wools that she found from small fiber farms and business. All accessories, yarns (including handspun) and rovings are unique and one of a kind and may not be duplicated so get them while they last :)

Please visit Lil' Bit of Heaven Fibers for more great products at amazing prices (free shipping too!). Also keep an eye out for Linda's blog which is coming soon. There you'll be able to learn about all the wonderful animals on her farm (http://lilbitofheavenfibers.blogspot.com).

For additional information or to purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com.

Thank you again to all the wonderful Etsy Shops participating in the 50/50 project. Your donations, support and kind words are greatly appreciated :D

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