24 June 2008


Just an update of sorts... yep the hooking for charity '50/50 project' is still an active project (1 complete and 4 more yarns currently in the que), nope don't have an exact date on the next full review (probably sometime in the first full week of July).

Two little pairs of shoes are completed and Aimee's yarns (Pancake and LuLu) are just amazing :) so I definitely want to provide all the details.

Life has been plain crazy and exhausting lately and my hopes of it settling in are apparently very far fetched at the moment. I'm still optimistic with the last few weeks at least health wise being fairly good though right now the downswing is approaching.

I don't plan to post lots of items non-hooking related on this blog feature so any general updates will be available on my other blog link listed in the sidebar (kat's bloggie bits).

toodles for now.

05 June 2008

hooking for charity fundraiser

So I'm Kinda new at this chip-in widget... very cool though

Funds raised will go to our charities: DirectRelief.org and HAP.