02 February 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'


Okay so this is kinda an interesting dilema for me. The 3 skeins of yarn I ordered a few weeks ago have still not
hit my post box sooooo...

Minus my base yarn and the featured shop's yarn we'll just take a look through my already hand-dyed bits in the form of 'kool-peas' colorways (Strawberry and Pickles):

The fun part about using kool-aid drink mix to dye these already crocheted shoes is my kids get to help out some. My daughter and son take turns pouring in the mixes and picking out the colors and I use the kiddy shampoo to wash my finished shoes in.

Pickles wasn't the planned name it just kinda happened once I realized the green shoes I was working on happened to be located in the labled pickle jar. I'm planning on creating other colors and experimenting with multi-hue combos in the future.

Thanks for reading this week's side-track hopefully next week we'll be back to the normal routine.

For additional information or to purchase any of the shoes featured in this blog please visit my etsy shop at http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com. Etsybaby (I'm a memeber) is having a promo this month and bow-bear is hiding out in the team members shops including the 50/50 section of mine. Once bow-bear is found you'll receive a special free gift with your purchase. Happy Hunting :)

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