19 March 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops' - midweek update

I'm learning as I go...

here is my one sad (still pretty to look at) almost finished shoe.

Not quiet sure how to organize this week in the blog so that it's easiest to read. Hope this doesn't throw too many wrenches in the works dear readers.

It's about 10:30 pm and I'm dragging through the week. The weather is icky... it is Ohio after all (read... hot, cold, hot, rainy, freezing, hot, cold) which is probably to blame for the most part.

I love this yarn (again thank you Karen), it's soft and perfectly dyed... even running the shoes through single strand using sock yarn is working up beautifully with a springy light weight feel to them, and the single strand method is producing a more defined tiny stitch. very cool.

So tomorrow or Friday night I will be caught up with any orphaned shoes.

Have no fear little shoes I will prevail... (with or without feeling completed defeated).

Each misfit shoe will eventually receive it's perfectly matched mate and in time a warm home all it's own to go to instead of the current cozy accommodations they share with 50 other pairs of shoes.

Thinking of the week ahead (all two days of it) ugh... though if I ever became an organized, even tempered and/or rational person ... I just wouldn't be me.

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