29 December 2007

a year winding down and up at the same time

As the year winds down my shoe count has risen a lot: 117 total

With a few day to rush, I think I'll hit 120 (crossing fingers). Pretty amazing concidering April was an off month with no shoes produced.

Of course with the end of one project starts a new:

'50 Pairs from 50 Shops'

The invites are starting to fly out for my next project scheduled to being in Jan. 2008.

So far as planned starting the first or second full week of Jan. I'll begin to display and promote one etsy shop a week which has donated or sold me yarn for this project. Links and pictures to be included for your browsing enjoyment.

By the year's end I'm hoping to accomplish my goal of creating shoes from yarn supplied by 50 different independent etsy shops.

If interested or for more detail please leave a comment or a convo on etsy.

My shop is http://mysweetiepeas.etsy.com

Happy New Year Everyone.

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