11 January 2008

'50 pairs from 50 shops'

Welcome, welcome to the first weekly installment of '50 pairs from 50 Shops'

The first shop's yarn arrived earlier this week and oh my gosh!

Noelle of Noelle's Noodles sent over 600 yards of fingering wt. yarn my way. (that's a lot of baby shoes!) The picture below shows the first two pairs with more to follow.

Additional Bits and Pieces:
This top shelf quality arrived in my post box in the form of two very awesome colorways 'Eat.Sleep.Knit' and 'Sweetheart A'.

The 'Eat Sleep Knit' yarn was created specially for the online store EatSleepKnit.com. This colorway features saturated blues, greens and reddy browns consistently spaced and clearly defined. I used double strands while crocheting with this yarn... the colors matched up perfectly! (Yes, she's that good.)

Plus since I received a whole skein they'll be more than one pair available, so keep an eye on my Etsy shop for more details. Remember all proceeds benefit Direct Relief.

To see this yarn in sock action check out Noelle's blog for some very cool socks in progress.

Please note: Eat.Sleep.Knit has been selling Noelle's yarns like hot cakes so hurry while supplies last!

The other colorway 'Sweetheart A' is not currently available on NoellesNoodles.com, however there is a teaser skein of Sweetheart B listed on her site (again, hurry).

This girly mix of pinks and red bits created an uber cute pair of shoes/booties. To add to the yarn love, I'd been secretly oogling this color for a little while ... so sweet to receive 178 yards of yarny goodness (that's at least 2 pairs for the 50/50 project). The picture below doesn't quite do the yarn justice, visit Noelle's sites for a better appreciation of what this gal can do. Seriously.

Noelle's has had a shop on Etsy since 2005, she's super professional, accommodating and very gifted. Her shop currently contains a wide assortment of yarn weights, unique colorways, kits and accessories including roving.

Trust me these wool yarns
are extremely easy to care for, richly dyed and handle like a dream :) so hop on the bandwagon and get them before they're gone.

Additional details about each new pair of 50/50 booties can be found on my Etsy store. All proceeds from the '50 pairs from 50 shops' project go to http://www.directrelief.com.

Be extra sure to check out
Noelle's shop and Eat.Sleep.Knit for her special limited colorways in Aran and Sock Weights.

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