20 January 2010

Goals: Knitterly Intentions

Goals: Knitterly Intentions 2010: Charity/Community Service

I'm a late bloomer on the New Year's resolution making. It's taken til now to start thinking about what my charity goals are for 2010. So far I've managed to compile the list below.

2 indy yarn dyer scarves for charity
10 pair baby and kid house shoes
1 lapghan knit
1 hat

The list may seem small this year, it is. I've been spending more time out in the public forum (craft days, volunteering etc.) than at home knitting so my goals are smaller, and probably more attainable, than prior years. Hopefully with this change I'll be able to finish the list above and go beyond the call of duty by finishing a ton more without over stressing myself. Last year was the "year of the simplify" and this year is the "year of less stressing, more doing".

Happy New Year kiddos.

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