24 September 2007

Adult Shoe in a Round - Part 2

For details on part one scroll down or view the archives...

We left off with the toe completed and now will start the heel from the last row of 28 stitches which has been joined to form another ring/layer.

From this point chain stitch 2.

Increase 1 (crochet in every loop) crochet in each loop until there are 7 stitches left in the row.

On the 7th stitch from the end; crochet into both loops then chain stitch 2 (counts as first dc of next row) to begin forming the opening for the foot to enter into the shoe/slipper/sock.

Continue to chain stitch 2 to form new rows then dc in each loop across the newly created row.

Complete 8 rows then single chain stitch followed by half-double crochet to complete last row.

(if half-doubles are hard for you... go ahead with one more row of double crochet stitches (dc).)

Turn shoe/sock/slipper inside out and dc the two ends together using only the inner facing sides of each loop. Once the bottom is reached dc up the other side of the shoe by grabbing the far facing end of every other loop on that side only.

This concludes the heel portion of the tutorial, now you've got a 'shoe base' which could be worn 'as is' or follow the next set of instructions to complete a comfy cuff to crown your shoes. Best Luck.

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