20 September 2007

A quick shoe/sock/slipper pattern - sort of...

Hello everyone...
I've been hanker'n to post this neat adult crocheted sock/slipper pattern for you. (part of "shoes for joanne" pattern for charity)

Sorry it's kinda vague (and in several parts), I'll have a .pdf up within a few weeks after the craft fair season slows down for me.

Crocheting in a Round Shoe/sock or slipper (size women's 7.5 - 9.5ish):

Specs: Hook Size: 'K' (6.5 mm) with 4 ply worsted weight yarn.

Begin with 4 sc join in 4th stitch to form a loop.

chain stitch 2 (equals first double stitch)

then into the loop 9 more dc, joining last dc to form round (for total of 10 stitches)
chain stitch 2

*2 dc in each stitch* join last dc to singles to form round (total 21 stitches)

*chain stitch 2 , dc in each stitch, join last dc to form ring* stitches per finished round will progress higher by one stitch each time (22,23,24,25,26,27,28)

First row after 28 stitches we want to stay at 28 stitches so begin the row with two chain stitch, then grab together the next two stitches making only one dc. Join last stitch in row to form ring.
Make two rows this way.

So the pattern so far stitch wise is 4,10,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,28,28. This completes the "toe" part of the sock/shoe/slipper pattern... tune in for more later.

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