04 October 2007

Finito - The Last Part of the Adult shoe/slipper/sock Pattern

Okay, I confess, the pattern was a bit lost for a few days... ode to my grandma T. I had the whole thing wrote out on an unused business mail-back envelope :P Yes, I knew the pattern roughly in my head but I wanted to wait till I found the actual scribbled out instructions to finish this post.

So here it is...

The toe and heel part of this pattern are located below or in the September archives.

After following those you should have a nice complete slipper looking thing minus the cuff of course and here it is.

Start with base of shoe/slipper/sock turned right side out.

chain stitch 2 (making the first half-double of the first 'cuff' row)

now the trickier part: (it may take a few tries/frogs to get this right)

half-double crochet around the top of the shoe base until you've got 31 additional stitches roughly even around the whole thing. once joined chain stitch 3.

now go back and count the stitches in the row below it should total 32 (or at least 31, we can flub that last stitch in).

this is an important step because if you're off here and finish the next row before counting that's A LOT of triple stitches to rip out and redo.

Counted ok? Good, next step:

If you've got 31 stitches then tc (triple crochet) into every stitch and join at the end (32 total stitches).

* If you've got 32 stitches then tc / join the first two stitches and tc into each additional stitch, joining the ends together. (32 stitches neatly forming a nice ring)*

Repeat the *instruction here* trying not to increase your stitches.

*** in case you're wondering.. I'm kinda slow on the whole increase/decrease thing and my crocheted pieces would go wide/narrow/wide so this is why I'm explain'n the stitch counts real simple cause I know I'm not the only one out there doing it that way.***

Any who...

*chain stitch 2
Gather first two stitches into one dc (double crochet), dc the rest of the row. Join last and first stitches to form completed row/ring.*

Repeat *instruction located here*. Finished!

Tie off and wear. Tah-Dah.

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