23 October 2007

I've got a shoe issue... well about 30 some-ish pairs of shoes issue. So here are a few pictures...

A good chunk of these we be on sale during the Arts Place Holiday Show (runs Nov. 12th - Jan.) with a fair amount of each purchase going directly to Arts Place.

I'll have some gift baskets, clay babies and a hand bag or two to round out the gifting season.

So far I've been crocheting on average between 10-15 pairs a month since August. Yes, I keep track down to the size, color and date finished.

The best part is seeing babies (and parents) enjoying the shoes. The new moms are so cute :D

My 3.5 year old dug her shoes out today as the weather has gotten a bit more fall like. She has a cozy pair made from chunky variegated pink/maroon/orange yarn and a beat up pair (neon variegated) from when I first started making shoes in 2005. The later mentioned pair gets stretched skin tight when she proudly pulls them on. The smiles from them and the fact that I am providing for them with my own two hands makes me feel like I've really accomplished something from nothing but string.

So enough mush :)

Below are a couple more photos from my recent shoe binge.... enjoy.

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